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Story! Family Values featuring Ollie and Carol

Because the always wonderful second_batgirl answered my nosy Roy questions I thought I'd point her, and anyone else interested, in the direction of my latest "Oliver Queen and Carol Danvers have a kid" ficlet (I write them as I write everything: sporadically!).

A quick primer for the Extended Queen Family (EQF):
Roy Harper, adopted son
Connor Hawke, son
Cissie King-Jones-Allen, daughter
Mia Deardon, adopted daughter
Steven Queen, son
Lian Harper, granddaughter
Iris King-Jones-Allen, granddaughter
Jenny King-Jones-Allen, granddaughter
Max King-Jones-Allen, grandson
Bart King-Jones-Allen, grandson
Madelyne Donovan, niece
Dani Cage, (Carol's) goddaughter
Virginia Stark, goddaughter
Undisclosed godchild because three sounded better or something...

And, btw, when Steve grows up he falls in love with Lark Gordon Lance. <3

ANYWAY that's nearly as long as the fic: Family Values (PG, 503 words, AU, future)

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Fic + Mix: When a Tornado Meets a Volcano (Avengers: Carol/Tony)

Fandom: Avengers (Marvel 616)
Pairing: Carol Danvers/Tony Stark (Ms. Marvel/Iron Man)
Title: When a Tornado Meets a Volcano
Notes: Fic + Fanmix for my Marvelverse OTP. The ficlet takes place years ago, just after the failed mission chronicled in Ms. Marvel 32. You can catch up on relevant story by reading this preview. The CD art was made with scans from New Ultimates. 16+1 tracks.

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OMG, I remembered I have a livejournal. Also, Fanfiction!

Okay, this is all resolute's fault. She asked the seemingly simple question "what D&D class would Carol Danvers play?" And somehow my answer turned into Epic Fanfiction. Don't worry, it is not Epic Fanfiction about Carol playing D&D (that is too Epic even for me). No, this is a story about ZORRO. And Carol Danvers. And various other Avengers. It's eaten my brain y'all, I can't stop thinking about this story. And so all of you lucky people who still read my LJ (which is maybe no one but you never know) get to be my first audience (good or bad lucky is up to you). I'm including the prologue, though my intention is to write much of it into the story as I go so it is not necessary to the final piece -- we'll see how it goes.

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So this entry is incredibly long! Um. Tell me what you think (you needn't tell me I'm crazy, tho, I already know that). <3

m//AV: Carol and Chewie

Happy Birthday resolute

I made a mix!

And because LJ was driving me craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy, I made a new community to post it in! (Because what I really need is ANOTHER journal.)

A few notes:
A couple of the music tracks are M4as. And a couple of the music tracks have glitches. I'm sorry! My music files are messy right now and I can't connect to limewire :( If you don't already have and/or can't get a better copy of any song, I'll do my best to track one down.

For the art I used both of my pairs of actresses. Finding quality scans of these two (or ANY scans of these two) is very nearly impossible. So. You get beautiful people. I expect this is OKAY.

Without further to do: No Other Two Hearts, a Carol Danvers/Jessica Jones Playlist posted @ lightningjewel.

(Yeah, I have no idea what, if anything, I'll do with that community other than this BUT, nice journal name, ne? :D)

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Because it involves the BABYSITTERS CLUB. (FIC)

ONE, a long introduction: Okay, so, apparently I ship Carol and Peter now. It is all Joshua Jackson's fault. I love Josh, since Pacey. He was also in the Mighty Ducks. But Pacey. And Pacey is the reason I watched the first season of Fringe (then it got really good, now I watch it for Peter :P). Anyway, so I was watching National Treasure, which I also have a strong affection for, and Abigail wears this jacket that Carol totally wears in the comics. And I thought to myself, Diane would be a great Carol! (if Naomi is "too old") and, because I am me, I immediately did a Google image search. And lo and behold, she's dating Joshua Jackson. And they are freaking ADORABLE. Totally Naomi and Liev levels of adorable. And the little voice in my head said, wow, Joshua Jackson would be a great Peter Parker (think about it!). And basically, it was all over, right there. But it didn't stop right there, oh no.

So, Diane is Carol and Josh is Peter. Well, obviously Katie Holmes is Jessica Jones. And it's not even just funny/cute casting. Katie's kinda an awesome Jessica Jones. Then, clearly, James Van Der Beek is Harry Osborn and Michelle Williams is Gwen Stacey (the most awesome part is where Jen -- her character in Dawson's Creek, if you weren't following my crazy -- is also dead). And so, Barry Allen is Norman Osborn. XD

Anyway, apparently my insanity is catching because my Diane!Carol (rp journal) has a Josh!Peter and Katie!Jessica. And now, TWO, here is a fic, co-written with my Petey. It involves the Babysitter's Club and Thor. And thanks to Brian Reed, actually sorta kinda almost fits into canon ish (which, actually, was sort of the point of my Diane!Carol journal, to be closer-ish to canon, because I love Naomi!Carol but she started out in an AUey different place and is now firmly established in her own little world (which I love!)...but I've been really loving New Avengers and Ms. Marvel so very much lately. So, I expanded my sandbox :P). /end (ridiculously) long intro


Title: Adventures in Babysitting
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These are not our characters, we just like to play.
Word count: 1038
Characters: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Danielle Cage, Carol Danvers, Peter Parker; Carol Danvers/Peter Parker
Summary: Carol and Peter babysit Dani.
Other: Part one by me, part two by ppsm

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Fic: Family Promises (Avengers; Luke Cage/Jessica Jones and Danielle Cage)

Title: Family Promises
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These are not my characters, I just like to play.
Word count: 984
Characters: Luke Cage, Danielle Cage, Jessica Jones, Carol Danvers; Luke Cage/Jessica Jones
Prompt: Overprotected, Britney Spears
Summary: Three scenes as Dani Cage grows up and Luke doesn't want her to.
Other: Written for the Song Shuffle + Meme; request from resolute. One drabble turned into three and really, this could be a series....

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Fanfiction Reccomendation: Dayenu (Pyro/Hawkgirl)

I don't recommend stories very often but this one is absolutely AMAZING and I think can (and should!!) be read and appreciated even by people who have no idea who the characters are. It is based in role-playing but that only matters to explain why these two characters are interacting at all.

Title: Dayenu
Author: closestkept
Fandom: 616 Marvel Comics/Animated DCU crossover
Pairing: Pyro/Hawkgirl (this may be crack but it's the best crack pairing EVER)
Prompt: picture; and from the Author's Notes: The title of this story is the Hebrew word which translates roughly as "enough". On Passover, we sing a song with fifteen stanzas, about how if God had done any one of these things for us, it would have been enough, but he did all fifteen. It's a song about being grateful to God. Once I started writing the story, I realized it was a series of vignettes about poetry and language, and what "enough" can mean between these two characters in a given situation, and how they're grateful for one another. So I decided to write fifteen vignettes (the titles are the Hebrew numbers from one to fifteen).
Rating: T for Teen (some sexual situations and language)
Word count: 1559
Notes: For background/context: St. John Allderyce was a romance novelist/terrorist member of the Brotherhood. He died, and when reborn met Shayera Hol who'd just recently rejoined the Justice League after being complicit in the Thanagarian invasion of Earth (she'd ultimately chosen to side with the JLA and betray her people when it became clear they wanted to blow up Earth); they were both trying to find themselves after having lost everything and ended up finding each other.

A book in ten languages.