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Peter Parker exists. And he reads my LiveJournal.

White Phoenix of the Crown
29 December 1975
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But a childhood prolonged does not remain a FAIRYLAND.
It becomes a HELL.

Everyone harbors a secret HATRED for the PRETTIEST girl in the room.

Hi, my name is Anika, pronounced "AH-Nic-Uh", like the golfer or the Barbie princess.

I have boundless energy. I hate to be still. I never hide my emotions or my opinions and I tend to be adamant (and loud) in my defense of things I believe in. I hate to be alone. I am very sociable. Inaction is boring and I can't stand to be bored. I have a well developed "saving-people-thing". I hate injustice. I dare to be naive.

I am an idealist. I believe in causes more than individuals. I am impatient. I am vain. I hate to be ignored. I refuse to be invisible. I expect a lot out of people and more out of myself. I dream big dreams. I believe that things can be changed. I want to be a part of something greater than myself. I think I'm special, or at least could be. I'm a little bit crazy.

I am bright and I love to learn. I think education is the key to creating change in the world. I want to know everything about everything. I read books voraciously and I (over) analyze things to death. I can be dreamy and lost in my own little world. Sometimes I wish I was a robot so I wouldn't have to deal with emotions. I want to run a school - I want to be a cross between Emma Frost and Albus Dumbledore.

I'm the girl who cheers people up. I hate to see anybody sad and I want to be a good friend. I try not to take life too seriously - a good twirl or a run through the rain, these are moments to live for. I am very artistic and I'm best when I let the art happen instead of trying so hard it's a mess. I would like to be a guidance counselor, I want to help people. I love kittens.

My friends say I'm: Dedicated. Creative. Crazy. Fun. Friendly. Talented. Sensitive. Unconventional. Artistic. Generous. Multi-talented. Comics-crazy. Quixotic. Slytherin. Charismatic. Intelligent. Whimsical. Manipulative. Indecisive. Impulsive. Self-absorbed. Escapist. Adorable. Exhausting.

I am a liberal, a vegetarian, a mother, an activist and a singer/song-writer.

I am complicated.

Pleased to meet you.

A badly DAMAGED orphan universe. PHOENIX work.

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