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Friends Only

alaria_lyon, student of Child Development, Family Studies wrote of me:
My best friend, “Alice”, is a character. Introspective and obsessed with issues of identity, she has spent enormous amounts of time analyzing herself. She is almost always on the go, and has difficulty with downtime. She always wants to be doing something; she’s always absorbed in one project or another, and when she is upset she keeps herself constantly busy as a means of avoidance. She is extremely sociable, almost too sociable, hating to be alone. She will tell her life story to anyone who asks, and many who don’t. She is easily stimulated, with an average attention span, but fairly distractible. It takes very little for her to get worked up. The smallest comment will evoke a response, the slightest hint of an idea will peak her interest, and the most minor appeal will have her easily manipulated or influenced. However she can quickly get bored with a project, activity or conversation if the stimulation lessens or if something else proves to be more exciting. Her most dominant traits are her quality of mood and intensity of reaction. Alice experiences powerful emotions that swing both high and low. Everything affects her to the extremes, she experiences every emotion fully. However, when her hysterics are over and the moment has passed, she is once again subdued. Perhaps this easy transition is indicative of her extreme adaptability; the ease with which she adjusts to and even thrives in new situations, and the amazing ability she has shown to survive difficult situations.

Alice is constantly searching for who she truly is and who her family is. She has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and every day is a struggle to balance her temperament, especially her emotions and self-regulation, with the interactions she must have with her family, coworkers and environment.
Alice is both lovable and impossible at the same time. Her intense reactions and mood swings make her exhausting to be around. It is even more frustrating that her adaptability allows her to get over things so quickly, while I fume and stress about her outbursts for hours. However, her high sociability makes her extremely fun to be with, and allows her to instantly make friends with everyone around her. Those who know Alice and love her best are easily overwhelmed and frustrated by her, but we adore her just the same.

individualfrog says:
Of all my friends and relations, I think Anika wants to be a robot the most. But she wants to be the kind of robot that wants to be a human, not the kind that molests schoolgirls with its horrible tentacles.

vickyunleashed says:
"Never growing old."

That's how I picture you, always maintaining a youthful outlook, and never forgetting how to enjoy childhood interests, even while employing solid adult judgment in raising your own family.


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