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A meme!

My house is empty and I was trying to read this book but I had to read every sentence three times because my concentration is shot (and/or it is not a good book). So I did this meme. Because.

Choose a fandom. List pairings as described. No pairing may be used more than once.

Fandom: Avengers

ONE true pairing:
-Carol Danvers/Peter Parker (Yes, they've taken over.)

Now split your OTP into TWO alternate pairings you also ship:
-Carol Danvers/Tony Stark
-Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson

What are THREE ships you don't ship (and probably never will):
-Steve Rogers/James Barnes
-Steve Rogers/Carol Danvers
-Carol Danvers/Simon Wiliams

FOUR ships you maybe shouldn't ship...but you do:
-Pietro Maximoff/Wanda Maximoff
-Clint Barton/Kate Bishop
-Clint Barton/Wanda Maximoff

FIVE ships in these two categories 1) so obscure you might have made them up and 2) so popular you're almost ashamed you agree with the crowd:
I think I might have made up this category, too. But anyway.
Category 1)
-Steve Rogers/Sue Storm
-James Barnes/Jessica Jones
-Pepper Potts/Sharon Carter

Category 2)
-I don't know what's popular?
-Tony Stark/Pepper Potts? (They're kinda popular on Tumblr? ...Teens who've only seen the films :P)

SIX of your favorite het ships:
-James Barnes/Natasha Romanova
-Steve Rogers/Wanda Maximoff
-Luke Cage/Jessica Jones
-Wanda Maximoff/Vision
-Carol Danvers/Stephen Strange
-Clint Barton/Bobbi Morse

SEVEN of your favorite slash ships:
-Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew
-Carol Danvers/Jessica Jones
-Bobbi Morse/Jessica Drew
-Bobbi Morse/Natasha Romanova
-Sharon Carter/Natasha Romanova
-Tony Stark/Henry Hellrung (totally counts)
-Valeria Richards/Dani Cage (probably doesn't count but their parents are Avengers...sometimes...) (also: when age appropriate)

Finally tag EIGHT friends:
I don't tag ;)
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